Cóco Fernández (Spain,1989) is an artist inspired by the concepts of originality and imperfection.

Drawing has always been an important part of her life, since being quite young Cristina has always been taking lessons in several artistic schools. 

In 2007 she finished Artistic A Level at the high school; and in 2012 was graduated in Fashion Design by the School of Art and Fashion in  Valencia, Spain.

Her relation with the drawing has always been problematic, as the drawing had to be always perfect, it was not enough when the drawing was fine, it had to be Perfect. She could spend hours working in imitating a particular object. The feeling is hard to describe but it made her to feel really uncomfortable not achieving the perfect drawing. At the end all she was feeling was frustration and disappointment. 

In 2010 she found some animal drawings made by Picasso, which helped her to practice the one line technic, and this way is how her first series of abstract drawings was born. 

Pure Lines is just the opposite, is the first feeling of freedom, joy and flow when drawing.

Therefore, she develops her professional life combining her job as a Graphic designer and textile with a parallel artistic and very intimate work that includes multiple artistic branches: painting, pottery, decoration, fashion and photography.

In it she tries to cover all the artistic sides she is passionate about. In addition she collaborates with other artists preparing photo shootings, projects and creating original atmospheres or collaborations. 

The abstracts shapes that form big part of her work are inspired in transcendental experiences from the last years, important people of her environment, places, etc. Plants and landscapes perform are especially important for her. 

 More recently she has been inspired by the Fauvism Movement, a style created by a loose group of early twentieth-century modern artists with Henri Matisse and André Derain as referents. 

To see more of my work visit me on Instagram @cocoterafernndez

For questions, greetings and orders: cocoterafernandez@gmail.com